The Sky is a Color

November – December 2021

In its final sixth stage, the project Future Unforgettable will converge a series of artistic actions intended to function as antitheses and conclusions of the five stages realized so far that were largely investigative and documentary in nature. This stage will throw flashes of its own interpretations about the future of art, as well as the environment and the institutions related to it. Interpretations with pending development in the project archive and the upcoming future activities of Sarieva after the formal completion of Future Unforgettable.


In line with the project’s entirety, its sixth phase is characterized by hybridity and structural polyphony – it steps outside the dynamic narrative, leaving room for non-narrative and non-spatial environments. Curatorial and communicational processes function here as development of newborn meanings into forms, directions, illuminations, compilations, retreats for artistic actions, nodes of connections.


The assets of Phase VI are open-ended systems, meeting places, co-authorship, shared environments, the surrender of intention to chance, the possibility for conflict-free intersection, unintentional empathy, intuition in place of institution, sharing as place for the emergence of an unattached center, interrelations as the only criterion of form and value. 


Future Unforgettable‘s final phase attempts to touch upon a type of logic, according to which the term “contemporary art”, as well as the systems and relationships adjacent to it, could either adapt and fully realize its meaning, or remain but a term that marks a particular stage in the history of art. Along this logical vein, art could hypothetically advance forward and generate the meaning of “contemporary art” if placed within a dynamic situation of intersection and exchange. Intersection and exchange literally form the amplitude of its realization. Speaking of realization, it has to do with a logic of contemporaneity which does not espouse authorship in the well-known and hitherto accepted sense of something created by someone of the same name. The project phase ventures to experiment with the possibility of understanding authorship (as well as collecting or curating) as an act of “undertaking” or “continuation”, and not just of “owning” as something we formally associate with material possessions. In this sense, the “contemporary” aspect of the artwork exists and exerts influence as such in the course of time, not so much through form and formal features, but rather through the situation itself – derivative and complex, be it preconditioned or emergent.  


The logic of the project’s sixth iteration is presupposed by the inevitable prospects of the time we live in with its parallel and doubling realities, fluctuations of moments and timelines, complexities of perception, multiplicity of contexts and identities. And since such type of reality exists on the outside of any given space and excludes any total physical or formal representation, the only remaining guiding point and refuge of reality is emotion.


By making the assumptions that without any senses there is no perception of art, that without the other’s “eyes” there is no art at all, that color and form cannot exist without light, Phase VI of the project Future Unforgettable entitles itself The Sky is a Color – a reference to Rada Boukova’s eponymous unfinished work from 2014, consisting of two eyes and four hands, realized in collaboration with Angelina Kristeva.  In this work, the artist involves another person who is blind, yet capable of utilizing different forms of perception of light, space and change that the artist herself is unfamiliar with. The artwork is created in collaboration, through discussion and various experiments, and takes place in parallel communication whereby different senses and levels of perception are introduced with the aim of enriching the process. Seeing comes to signify feeling, realization, onrush. 


Future Unforgettable Phase VI will commence with its main exhibition – Rudi Ninov’s solo show Colour Words in Prologue (Sarieva, Plovdiv, November 19 – December 30, 2021); at the same place and in the same period of time, it will organize an exhibition gesture entitled Hand-woven kozyak, 2.40х1.70 cm. and realized as situation, experiment and proposal for future “meeting places”; it will also include a proposition for a mind map with Luchezar Boyadjiev’s artwork The Mad Carpetmaker = Лудият килимар, 2021, serving as a complementary example of the aforementioned logic. The event Collectors’ Forum, lecture and discussion with Peruvian collector Carlos Marsano, will open up a different perspective on art collecting as a process of interconnecting different types of logic and ensuring an artwork’s continuity. The concluding project Phase VI will announce and publish the newly composed Manifesto of Happiness, 2021 by the ULTRAFUTURO collective (Boryana Rossa and Oleg Mavromatti). Furthermore, Phase VI of Future Unforgettable will develop yet another possibility for outpouring its visual, textual and social potentiality with the “sound mural” of Prof. Georgi Arnaudov – Bulgarian composer of symphonic, chamber, film and theater music, lecturer at New Bulgarian University. In its forthcoming manifestations, Phase VI will feature a collaboration with the artist Rada Boukova. 

Името на втора фаза на FUTURE UNFORGETTABLE е инспирирано от творбата на Лъчезар Бояджиев “On vacation…”, 2004 – в процес.

Main exhibition

Colour Words in Prologue
Rudi Ninov
solo exhibition
Curator: Vesselina Sarieva

Sarieva, Plovdiv
19 November 2021 – 30 December 2021
Opening: November 19, 17:00 – 20:00
in the presence of the artist

Exhibition gesture

Hand-woven kozyak, 2.40 x 1.70 cm
Sarieva, Plovidv

November 19 – December 30, 2021

Lecture and Discussion

Collectors’ Forum 2021

autumn session 

Collecting is Connecting 

Speaker: Carlos Marsano

in conversation with Vesselina Sarieva 


20 November, 2021, Saturday 

4 p.m., Sofia time

The event can be viewed on the Facebook and the YouTube channels of Open Arts Foundation

Limited print

Manifesto of Happiness, 2021


available November through December 2021 in Sarieva, Plovdiv and selected galleries in Sofia

Mind map

The Mad Carpetmaker = Лудият килимар, 2021

Luchezar Boyadjiev

available November through December 2021 in Sarieva, Plovdiv and online

Sound murals

…down and up…
Prof. Georgi Arnaudov

November – December 2021

Expect more news about the program.

© Future Unforgettable, 2021