Together Again

November 2021

In November 2021, the project Future Unforgettable shifts from the focus on local topics in its previous three phases dedicated to the processes of elaborating historical trajectories, mapping of current artistic locations and determining specific features and typologies of Bulgarian contemporary art. 


Merging together through a series of actions its phases IV and V under the title “Together Again”, Future Unforgettable becomes a direct reflection of the time we live in by raising topical questions about the artistic environment on a global scale.


On the one hand, these questions are related to the topics from Phase IV, such as the reconstruction of the conventional world as an aggregate of objects through the introduction of new types of logic that are currently advancing most rapidly and emerging along with the advent of the Internet, the digital technologies and the differentiation of new languages, codes, and principles of communication.


On the other hand, these questions put forth topical issues, such as the organization of cultural and artistic life, the art institutions and their various practices. 


These topics are placed in a historical context, but the point of departure is fixed on the 2020 global crises which have led to the emergence of new tendencies, the expansion and deconstruction of cultural space, the desacralization of the institutional establishment, the discreditation of the relation between time and space in the functioning of a particular institution and the large-scale invasion of the Internet into and around art, along with the inrush of new players and principles, as well as the invention of new cultural segments or the barbarization of old ones. 


The project phases seek to answer the broader questions about art itself and the possibility for it to be grasped as “contemporary”. These inquiries are presented in part V of the program text by Vesselina Sarieva Future Unforgettable, available on: www.futureunforgettable.com.  


Amongst the participants of Future Unforgettable phases IV and V are the the project creator, experts, authors and representatives of art institutions. Conversations, video interviews and texts will conduct the discussions on recent self-reflexive projects that organize new meeting places, such as: InSitu-Institute, an interaction field for communication between artists Aksiniya Peycheva, Sophia Grancharova, Maria Nalbantova, Martin Penev, and Radostin Sedevchev (ICA, Sofia, November 2020); The Possible Institution (Swimming Pool, Sofia, since December2020) as well as the artistic studio and residence on the territory of SARIEV Gallery (Plovdiv, May – June 2020,  featuring selected author Maria Nalbantova with a realized art project and exhibition). 


Given their expertise and experience in such situations, Rene Beekman (co-founder with Albena Baeva of Gallery Gallery, a digital network gallery created in November 2019, Sofia) and architect Lubo Georgiev will present two different viewpoints on the possible spatial environment (real, hybrid or digital) for the realization of “meeting places” in the art sphere, presently and in the future.


Future Unforgettable project phases IV and V organize an experimental lab environment that advances its own interpretations, answers and hypotheses.


The name of phases four and five of FUTURE UNFORGETTABLE is inspired by the work of Vikenti Komitski, Together again, 2009


Research Text

Rene Beekman, “The History of Net Art in Bulgaria”

available at www.openartfiles.bg in November


Video Interviews

The series “Future Unforgettable – Institutions” presenting three conversations of Vesselina Sarieva with Luchezar Boyadjiev (ICA, Sofia), Viktoria Draganova (Swimming Pool) and arch. Lubo Georgiev


Available on the YouTube channel of Open Arts Foundation in the Future Unforgettable playlist 



Discussion, Laboratory, Environment

Phases IV. and V. of Future Unforgettable

Future Unforgettable – Institutions and Meeting Places

Participants: Vesselina Sarieva, Viktoria Draganova, Luchezar Boyadjiev, arch. Lubo Georgiev, Rene Beekman


November 9 (Tuesday) 2021

Swimming Pool, 10 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., Sofia, 5th floor


6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Discussion laboratory environment with the participants


3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Screening of the video interviews “Future Unforgettable – Institutions”



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